Enviro Expo

Join This Machine and many other local environmentally oriented organizations for the M.e.t. (Metropolitan Environmental Trust) Enviro Expo!

FREE RIDES to and from this event on This Machine bikes using the code ENVIRObike.

Booths will be set up around Guthrie Green, with tons information about how you can reduce your carbon footprint, volunteer for environment-focused organizations, recycle, and more! Most booths will also have giveaways.

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To redeem the code for your free rides (valid all day on April 19th):

  1. BEFORE SCANNING A BIKE, open the This Machine app
  2. Make sure your account is set up (including your payment info- this is a required part of account set-up, even for rides you won't be charged for)
  3. Tap on your name in the top left corner of the home screen
  4. Tap "coupons and credits"
  5. Enter "ENVIRObike." You may need to hit the pink "reload" button after entering the code
  6. The code is now available in your account for the next time you scan a bike. Return to the home screen of the app, and scan a bike using the "scan" button.
  7. After scanning a bike (and after entering the code), you may be prompted to chose a between several options for renting- click the option with the ENVIRObike code.