•Riding bikes is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family!

•If you've got your own bike, but want to ride with friends who don't, our E-bikes make that possible. The pedal assist can even help inexperienced riders keep up with you!

•Ride to your polling place to vote- follow us on social media for free ride codes most election days.

•Riding is also a great way to connect to the community. You can go places cars can't (at whatever speed you want), and even smell the roses along the way. Plus, you can join group rides, or make new friends who happen to cross your path!

•Put your staff or volunteers on bikes at community events. They'll have a great time, and be able to get wherever they need to quickly.

•Want to tire your kids out? Load their (easier to transport than adult-sized) bikes into the car, and head over to the Riverparks Trails. You can ride one of our pedal assist bikes, while your kids work hard on their own traditional bikes.


•Replacing just 5 miles a week of travel by car offsets 100kg of carbon emissions annually. That's the weight of a giant panda! Almost half of car trips are 3 miles or less, and many are easily doable by bike.

•Skip the stress of traffic and finding a parking spot- our bikes can be locked at any public rack in the service area.

•One study found that 44% of people who commute by bike experience little to no stress (ever), compared to only 15-20% of commuters who do not bike.


•Cycling improves cardiovascular health, muscle and bone strength, flexibility, and more. Long-term, it lowers your risk of stroke, heart attack, some cancers, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Your brain also becomes better at combating the effects of depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, and more. Plus, it’s a low-impact form of exercise, making it accessible even if you have bad knees or can’t stay on your feet long.

•Psychologists have found that it only takes 15 minutes of cycling for cortisol (stress hormone) levels to decline. Exercise also stimulates your brain so it makes more endorphins. As an added bonus, being outside while on your bike elevates your mood even more.

Things to See & Places To Go

Tulsa is home to a beautiful trail system! Several trails, including the Riverparks Trails, the Midland Valley Trail, the Katy Trail, and the Osage Prairie Trail are accessible by This Machine bikes. 

See for yourself why Tulsa’s riverfront park has been named “America’s Best New Attraction” by USA Today.

Here in Tulsa, art is everywhere! Much of it, including public art like murals and statues, is easily seen by bike. There are also several museums in our service area, and on the first Friday of each month, our bikes are a great way to get to the First Friday art walk downtown.

Explore all things tasty by bike! Great food, desserts, beer, and more await you all over the city. 




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Riding Contests

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